Career Opportunities through International Study Program

The International Study Program dares students to discover the methods and practices of communications among institutions and individuals at the global, international, national, and local environment. The curriculum delivers students with firm grounding in the academic disciplines. The intellectual flexibility is one example of skills being promoted through the diversity of interests behind human actions in an international academic setting.

International Study Program participants benefit from the solid international network of culture on campus. Moreover, students can take advantage of the vast activities and programs such as:

  • Flexible coursework through numerous academic units or departments
  • Ideally suited for those who are interested in a double major where it is commonly offered
  • Students study overseas to promote global internship and as a solid foundation for their degree

Building Your Outstanding Future by Starting with International Study Program

Students studying overseas deal with the complexities of global concerns in a particular cultural and environmental context or comparatively across various locations.

On a personal insight, if you study abroad, it widens your personal horizons, promotes independence and ingenuity, strengthens skills in adapting to different environment and new ideas, and expands your network of international friends and acquaintances.

Studying overseas offers a better understanding and adaptation

There are certain skills and ability that can be achieved by students who study abroad. Among these are:

  • Federal Government and Management
  • International Developmental Studies
  • International Public Health Studies
  • International Security and Culture
  • International Law and Order
  • International Education
  • International Business and Industry

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